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The contents of number 1`2005

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The articles not placed on site:
  • Panorama (Includes information about roll out of the Airbus A380, the biggest passenger aircraft in the world; maiden flight of the An-74T-200A transport; complication of flight and delivery trials of An-32P built by the order of Libya; return of two aircraft: An-124-100 "Ruslan" of Antonov Airlines, which was unduly seizure in Canada 1.5 years ago, and An-3T, which stayed at the ice airfield by the South Pole for more than 3 years; launch of the Ukrainian space vehicle "Sich-1M" and other reports. 9 photos).
  • An-148: the first steps. (An article about test flights of a new regional passenger aircraft, its advantageous in comparison with the competitors and interest of Ukrainian and Russian airlines in the An-148. 3 photos).
  • Shipborne reconnaissance aircraft for "big marine and ocean fleets". (An article of the Monograph rubric about Be-4 flying boat and its combat application during the Great Patriotic War. 35 photos, 2 layouts of the unrealized projects, drawings in scale of 1:72, colourings of 3 aircraft).
  • M-50: disabusing. (An article about attempts to create a supersonic strategic bomber in the USSR within the second half of 1950s. 20 photos, drawings of an experimental aircraft M-50A in scale of 1:100).
  • "Ukraine needs Yak-130!" (Interview with Arcady Gurtovoy, Deputy General Director of JSC "A.S.Yakovlev Design Bureau").
  • Consolidation of the insurance business is a guarantee of successful development of the civil aviation of Ukraine. (Interview with Valerii Treschev, Chairman of Board of JSC "Dia insurance company", and Ilya Kabachnik, Executive Director of JSC "AVIKOS". 4 photos).
  • "Energy-Buran" is a swan-song of Soviet cosmonautics. (The first part of an article about creation of the Soviet shuttlecraft. 5 photos).
  • In the skies over Gulf of Finland and Ladoga lake. The year of 1942. (An article about activity of AF of the Baltic Navy holding the Order of the Red Banner. 6 photos, tables showing comparison of the forces, combat flights and losses of the Baltic Navy AF).
  • "Loud" episodes of the "quite" war. (An article about aviation used in the battles at Korean Peninsula during 1953-2004. 18 photos, colouring of MiG-21 of Korean National Army AF).
  • Mediterranean ace of the empire. (An article of the Portrait rubric, telling about Thomas Pattle, British ace No.2. 9 photos, colourings of 5 aircraft).
  • Model kits of Мi-2 helicopter. (Critical estimation of three plastic model kits of Mi-2 helicopter in scale of 1:72).
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