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The contents of number 6`2005

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The articles not placed on site:
  • Panorama. (Includes information about appointment of A.K.Myalitsa as Director General - President of Antonov State Corporation; signing the contract to lease of 18 An-148s by Russian airlines Pulkovo; ratification of agreement on delivery of An-74TK-300 VIP-version to Libya; return of An-124-100, which was arrested in Belgium on August 20, 2004, to Ukraine; record flight of Boeing 777-200LR and other reports. 4 photos).
  • Dubai Air Show: they have success, we have optimism. (Article about the Dubai Air Show-2005 held in United Arab Emirates from 20th to 24th of November 2005. 5 photos).
  • Albatross is a bird of Prague's spring. (An article of Monograph rubric devoted to the most numerous jet trainer L-39 Albatros. 81 photos, drawings in scale of 1:72).
  • Underwriters' seminar in Kyiv. (Story about seminar "Aviation insurance market in Russia and countries of the former USSR" organized by Russian insurance group "AVIKOS-AFES" and Ukrainian insurance company "DIYA" for foreign reinsurance companies. 5 photos).
  • I-190 fighter: a biplane in epoch of monoplanes. (Article telling about short fate of the last Polikarpov fighter-biplane. 8 photos, drawing in scale of 1:72, layouts and performance of fighter-monoplanes and biplanes with the same-type engines created by N.N.Polikarpov within 1933-40).
  • Lev Schukin, ace of Korean war. (Article devoted to the Hero of the Soviet Union fighter pilot L.K.Schukin who brought down 15 aircraft personally and 2 aircraft as a group member in the Korean sky. 10 photos).
  • The third day (and beyond…). (The first part of an article about actions of Iraqi Air Defense during the war in 1991 written by direct participant of the event. 6 photos).
  • Forgotten war Regia Aeronautica. (Article about participation of Italian Royal AF in operation on capture of Albania in April 1939. 5 photos, colourings of 3 aircraft).
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