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The contents of number 4`2008

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The articles not placed on site:
  • Panorama. (Includes information about completion of aggregate assembly of the first Russian-made An-148-100; signing the agreement on production of the AgustaWestland 139 helicopter in Russia; regular meeting of European amateurs of An-2 held in Poland; roll-out of a new European A400M military transport; presentation of American WhiteKnightTwo aircraft carrier intended to launch SpaceShipTwo tourist shuttle to an altitude up to 100 km and other reports. 12 photos).
  • M-17 high-altitude opposition. (An article in Monograph rubric about creation of the fighter of reconnaissance balloons in the USSR. 25 photos, drawings in scale of 1:72, three colour schemes of the aircraft).
  • Superjets light and shadows. (An analytical article about new Russian regional passenger aircraft Sukhoi SuperJet-100. 4 photos).
  • Professor Belyayevs mechanical birds. (An article about one of the most exotic aircraft DB-LK bomber created in the end of 1930s under the direction of Victor Belyayev. 16 photos, 5 schemes, drawings in scale of 1:72).
  • A.A. Kovanko, a pilot and aircraft designer. (An article of Portrait rubric devoted to Aleksander Kovanko, a talented aviator, who made an important contribution in formation of domestic aviation. 6 photos).
  • A battle for the cotton. (The last part of memoirs about difficult operation of Mi-2 and Ka-26 helicopters in Egypt. 11 photos).
  • Chinese Air Dragons. Part II. Help is coming! (The last part of the article about "Operation Z" deliveries of Soviet aircraft to China in 1937. 9 photos).
  • Adieu, Algeria! (A part of the article about operations of French aviation against Front of National Liberation of Algeria. 13 photos, colour schemes of 4 aircraft).
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